New Year New?

Are you one of "those"? You know, the type that soul searches your heart...all in search of goals and ambitions for the New Year.  NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! 

I have one friend who each year chooses one word.  The one word that will be a gentle reminder of all things to work towards.  I have those friends that are gonna hit the gym hard! One friend found a beautiful Bible verse to reminder her of being kind, and simply (my take) doing the right thing. Read more books, eat healthier, be a better friend. Why didn't I think of all these things?

Who am I kidding, I'm just not one of these people. And truth be told I really have never been.   I could say I resolve to get some painting done in my house. There is also my office walls that have yet to be completed.  Yet, if I told you how long those had been on the list well you would know why I resolve, how to NOT break the resolve list, by simply not having a resolution.  Maybe it's my whole analogy of resolutions.  Not sure what house painting has to do with the inner sanction of sanity and earthly value.  Other than the possibility of looking at those nail holes in the wall that need touched up might give a little inner peace.  You see the analogy of what the New Year should bring, troubles washed away, life better, you know,  a clean start. Well I guess the reality of life makes me question if it is even possible. Possible to, well you know make everything that isn't so perfect, perfect with just a simple resolve?   

New Years day we ordered in Chinese. And we all were stunned at the similarities of our fortunes.  (something that will go on the office wall, someday) And with that came the light bulb.  Allow yourself to dream.  Yep, for me, a much better  option than a resolution. Similarly it gives you something to ponder, something to work towards, yet without the connotation that it has to be accomplished or you fail.  My "dream" count is pretty high.  The painted wall,  it's easy for me to dream of how it looks. And the other dreams, well destinations to ponder and wishes to hope for.  And the funny thing while some are quite a ways out of reach, there are others that you know what, chances are I could do today.  But the thing is it is fun to dream. Fun to think of what can be and how you might get there. Fun to see yourself in the middle of something good. Fun to think of the opportunities your dreams allow.  

So I challenge you! As you complete your "list" for the New Year, maybe just remember to allow yourself that one little opportunity. The opportunity to just dream. Dream of a better world. Dream of a better you. Dream of all those things you wish to accomplish. Who knows where that dream might take us. Hey, we now have Anna's Raffia