About us

Raffia was established in 1995 as a brick and mortar store specializing in gifts, home accessories, clothing, and jewelry.  After 18 years, we closed shop to spend more time at home with our ranching family. I grew up in the back office of Raffia and at home on our family farm and ranch. While farming and ranching is our way of life and our heart, we have learned, that we can’t deny the creative outlet that retail sales provide is now forever in our blood. Anna's Raffia online allows us to do both, give my time to the needs around home and college all the while being able to provide customers with an opportunity to be reunited with the original excitement.  Along with my Mom Lori, and an occasional drop by from my Aunt Lynda, we will specialize in a site that is filled with inspiration and unexpected turns.  We invite you to join us, whether you are new to Anna's Raffia or remember the original Raffia experience. Welcome to our newest journey..